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A wide variety of models from different manufacturers are available and their names are Mitsubishi, Fujikura, Toyo, Sumitomo, R.F.D., Beaufort, Berwyn, Dunlop, Elliot, BF Goodrich, Viking, Ballon-fabrik etc.
They are all conform to SOLAS regulations of 1960, 1974 and 1981 and appropriate government regulations and are furnished with standard equipment if customer requirements specify, such as hydrostatic release, etc.
All these products are fully supported throughout the world with a comprehensive network of distributors and Approved Servicing Agents. One of the above common models is, for example, described below in details just for reference.

The buoyancy chambers are manufactured from polyurethane proofed nylon fabric.
They are superimposed and independent airtight compartments.
The boarding step is so designed that the buoyancy chamber will not deflate should it become damaged. The canopy is double skinned for insulation. The outer surface is orange for high visibility, the inner is blue for the comfort of the occupants. Retro-reflective tape together with a rain attachment strip are fitted on the outside.
At the top there is a dry cell automatic sea light meeting the 2-mile visibility and exceeding the 12-hour duration requirement. It has a switch which enables it to be turned off during the day. The doorway closure ensures a completely weather tight seal with simplicity of operation.
The floor can be inflated by the survivors for insulation against the cold. Stability for the raft is provided by high volume, weighted water pockets on the underside of the floor and by the anti–tangle conical drogue.
A ladder across the underside of the floor assists in righting the raft, should inverted deployment occur due to extreme conditions.

Inspection, Service And Certification of Various Brands of Life Rafts

Upon request, we can supply new or second hand life raft, any equipment such as lifeboat, man overboard, safety signs, immersion suit, thermal protective aid, life jacket, life jacket lights, life buoys, fire hose, fireman's equipment.


MARICHEM secures a worldwide availability for annual inspections by classification approved service suppliers at the most competitive prices of the market. In addition, we propose a free of charge constant follow–up of your entire fleet's certificates and recommend the most advantageous port of assistance.

For further information or details about our services and products, feel free to send us your inquiry at our headquarters. We will be glad to submit our full quotation for any required inspection.