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E-mail: info@marichem-marigases.com

The Marichem Marigases Way: Raising and Maintaining Standards

We feel responsible to improve industry standards and to encourage safer operating practices. This is achieved by continuous research for new environmentally sound raw materials and advanced chemical technological methods, which will allow us to provide safe, naturally biodegradable products. Our group hascompleted the above-mentioned goal by special methodology, experimentation and field applications; this starts with our laboratories and finishes with the use of the products by our customers. Being a member of major environmental marine organizations, we strongly believe that it is every person's duty, indeed obligation, to eliminate the problem of pollution and participate responsibly in developing alternative solutions for the benefit of our planet.

We have an essential role in finding new ways to meet the present and future needs that are more socially and environmentally sustainable. We acknowledge that success demands the highest standards of social, economic and environmental responsibility across our operations worldwide. Hence, we abide by this social responsibility in every single act of our group.

As a certified 14001 company, by Bureau Veritas (BV) we have undertaken the responsibility of ensuring that the manufacturing process and the distribution of our products are in line with all current environmental legislation.

IMO approved products allows our customers peace of mind when using Marichem Marigases chemicals.

The Seatrade Awards 2000, London, Countering Marine Pollution and the Dubai International Maritime Awards 2004, Countering Marine and Atmospheric Pollution are some examples of the achievements that we, as Marichem Marigases, have made towards greater environmental protection. Marichem Marigases has been working and will continue to liaise with customers worldwide taking into account the environment and the concept of recycling.