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E-mail: info@marichem-marigases.com

Environmentally Improved Products

Marichem Marigases has a complete range of environmentally friendly products. The R&D Department continuously searches for new products in order to meet the increasing needs of the marine industry, to follow the strict regulations and guidelines, to proceed to the next generation of innovative products, to advance the application needs and to adopt new chemical technology features, which ensure maximum environmental safety. Records show that Owners and managers are gradually ordering more environmentally friendly products, highlighted by the fact, that not only are the international regulations becoming stricter, but also that environmental consciousness is an every day matter for us all. Our main objective is to appoint effectiveness and to eliminate the use of organic raw materials, the final goal, being to replace them fully with green raw materials.

Marichem Marigases' Eco-Concerns

Our group's preoccupation is focused on a four-fold plan of action:

  • Investing in research, development and improved technologies.
  • Pursuing business opportunities in promising innovative energy technologies.
  • Supporting flexible and economically sound policies that protect the environment.
  • Sponsoring at a wide range of programs contributing to the environmental progress.