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E-mail: info@marichem-marigases.com


Marichem Marigases Fire, Rescue & Safety Division’s primary objective is to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction, through proactive service planning and dedicated technical support. Our experienced staff has engaged to abide by the latest SOLAS requirements, keeping up to date with all new regulations and guidelines, thus ensuring your vessels’ maximum conformity at minimum cost.

To this end, a reminder system of previously assigned jobs has been developed to preserve safety and compliance of your vessels. Three months before the expiry date of the Fire Fighting and / or Life Saving certificates currently existing on board, you receive a notification about the forthcoming expiration in writing. This way, we enable you to reduce the occurrence of costly inspections and other mandatory safety operations, which are often a result of handling last-minute assignments to inconvenient and expensive ports.

By joining us, you will be able to experience the tangible benefits of your cooperation with Marichem Marigases Fire, Rescue & Safety Division. Not only will you untangle yourselves from the necessity to be on the alert for due date safety operations, as this service is offered by us free of charge; you will also have the opportunity to receive the most competitive prices for major and minor ports of call, given the elimination of time constraints.

Upon receipt of our notification message, all you have to do is to provide us with a list of your vessels’ upcoming calls and we will revert with our sharpest offer, prioritizing the most cost wise and convenient port to render our services. Thus, we can guarantee proper monitoring and follow-up of your certificates’ status, while at the same time, cost-cutting becomes feasible.

Marichem Marigases Fire, Rescue & Safety Division is here to take safety to the next level. We are looking forward to receiving your enquiries and introducing you to our ways. Being safe has never been easier!