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- Reduce the Pour Point of fuels

For almost half a century, Marichem Marigases Worldwide Services has been in the forefront of promoting environmental consciousness in the chemical industry, with particular attention paid to the manufacturing process of the products and the handling of products through the final disposal of the by-products. Over the years, our experience and knowledge has lead to thousand of satisfied customers around the world, being served 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, while our research and development of new products is undertaken in order to meet the ever-rising standards of the international shipping market.

At the same time, Marichem Marigases R & D Department is developing new products, in response to the increasing needs of the marine industry and advance to the next generation of innovative products linked to new application needs, new chemical technology features, and maximum environmental safety.

During 2016 Marichem Marigases Worldwide Services introduced a number of new Fuel Oil Treatment products named New Generation F.O.T. series. One innovative product from this series is FUELFLOW PPR, a fuel oil treatment product that prevents the formation of wax structures and is suitable for all distillate fuels.

FUELFLOW PPR (Pour Point Reducer) is a highly concentrated fuel oil additive specifically designed to reduce/depress the Pour Point (the temperature at which a fuel becomes solid) and prevent the formation of wax structures. In the case of marine distillate fuels, there seems a notable move toward fuels with higher wax contents, and this leads to worsening cold temperature operability.

As more ships sailing through polar waters and as new hybrid and ultra low sulfur distillate fuels are becoming available in the market, there is an increased risk of wax formation which can make fuel unpumpable. As the temperature in the fuel decreases, the molecules of paraffin tend to come together, forming large structures which will degrade the flow characteristics of the fuel. Modification of the crystallization of the wax is necessary to maintain the fuel at a liquid condition and avoid solidification in extreme conditions.

FUELFLOW PPR is suitable for all distillate fuels and offers no paraffin crystallization at very low temperatures/arctic waters. When using FUELFLOW PPR the fuel remains liquid and easy to handle/pump. FUELFLOW PPR has been tested by independent lab, and has demonstrated to reduce pour point and cold filter plugging point (CFPP), by an average of 21°C and 11°C respectively.